Beezie Bean

♥ Soon to be 30 💀
♥ Illustrator and comic artist
♥ 18+ art. Beware of the nakies
♥ Will work for money to fund
crippling energy drink addiction
(and cat's treats)


You interested in paying me money to get something personal drawn, just for you?Well you can!

Please read the TOS before you do though.

My Webcomics

Author & Artist


All my comics are free to read online and include lots of adult material.
Blood, sex, etc.
3/5 of these comics and the whole universe is written together by me and my friend, OrchardOfApples.

Comics where smut is a bonus
(aka behind paywall)
♥ Between Kings & Queens
♥ Sold Bride
♥ Stolen Bride

Comics that have all the smut!
(aka smut is important for plot)
♥ Worth
♥ Out Of Line

Links to free comic reads ➤

Note!Only on Comicfury will you find all comics and non-censored pages

Please, remember to show love to my
dear cowriter friend! Give her a poke in her

List of the comics

Commission Prices

♥ Note: These are base prices.

Meaning certain things will up the price. Like:
♥ + 50% for every extra character
♥ Especially complex designs
♥ Extra items (small pets, plushies, etc.)

Traditional Sketch

Bust ♥ 10 €
Half ♥ 20 €

No fullbody option

♥ Max 2 characters per piece
♥ No backgrounds

Digital Doodle

Bust ♥ 20 €
Half ♥ 30 €
Full ♥ 40 €

♥ Simple backgrounds only

Black and White

Bust ♥ 30 €
Half ♥ 40 €
Full ♥ 50 €

Full Color

Bust ♥ 50 €
Half ♥ 60 €
Full ♥ 70 €


♥ Backgrounds add 10-50€ on the final price.

♥ Complexity determines the extra price


♥ 50 - 60 €
depending on complexity

♥ No backgrounds

♥ Option to have extra versions

♥ Extra outfit / hairstyle version + 20 € each

♥ If you want similar extra versions
for non-chibi commissions, ask me.

You agree with these prices?

Then proceed with following~
Once you're done, order in here:

Terms Of Service

Yes vs Nope

Hell yesh! ♥ ~

(Aka my favorite things to do)

- Soft body types
- Dilfs
- Boobas and dicks
-Cute/colorful things

Will Do

- Any body type & gender
- Any humanoid like character
- NSFW & Gore okay
- Almost any kink/fetish okay

Might Do ..?󠀠󠀠 (Ask first pls)

- Feral animals & creatures
- Robots
- Bodyfluids (puke/pee/poop )
- Non-con
- Weapons (guns etc. )

Won't Do

- Underage gore/NSFW
- Political art
- Realism
- Vehicles (cars, motorbikes etc)

Basic Rules

- Be adult (+18)
- Payment through Paypal.
- Payment fully in advance.

For my fellow Finnish folks, bank transfer works as well.

- Please have visual reference of the character(s).
- Note, digital art doesn't require shipping.
- I may use the commission on my own sites/portfolio.

- You're allowed to post/use the artwork on your social media, icons, banners etc. with credit.

- I will work within my own schedule, so please be patient. I will always update you, when needed.

- If you have specific deadline, please discuss it with me beforehand.
- If you want work done within 1-2 weeks, rush fee might be added.
- Rush fee depends how complicated your order is / how urgent your request is.

The quicker you need it, the larger the fee

How does the progress go?

Once we've come to an agreement I will start as soon as possible and will send you a sketch for approval. This is where you can ask changes to the pose, expression etc.
Once you approve the sketch, I will proceed.

♥︎ I shall not send you the sketch and proceed with the commission before I've received payment.
♥︎ You can requests as many edits as you like at this point, but up to 3 times. After which they will cost +5 € per edit.
♥︎ Note that edits may no longer be after this phase.

I will give you an update each time I've made some progress on your work.
If you would rather want the end result to be a surprise, you can request to not get visual updates as we go on.

The progress can take weeks or months, depending on the amount of work and how much free time I have.
Please be patient.

Once the work is finished there won't be any refunds.
If you wish to cancel the job before I've finished I might refund part of the payment.

I can cancel the commission, even after work for it has started.

- This hasn't happened yet, but do keep it in mind.
- NSFW / Gore content need to be brought up before work starts or they may be declined

You agree with these terms?

Then proceed with following~
Once you're done, order in here:

Order A Commission

Before you order....

Please make sure you're visited these sections and that you're okay with the rules and prices.

Yeah yeah! I want to order!

Alright, alright. Let's get to it.

My commissions are technically always open.
Meaning you can pop in to make an order anytime, but your order will go on the wait list. I only work on one commission at the time.

Don't send a payment while you're on the wait list!

I will contact you before work starts and when payment is required.
You can cancel your order at this point, no problem.

How do contact me?

There is multiple ways to reach me.
DM me on the following places

Reliable ways

I should receive and reply to your message within 24-48 hours

Unreliable ways

More inactive on these sites.
Will check them about weekly.

There is multiple ways to reach me.
DM me on the following places

The order list:

Currently working on:

GP - Pinup
- Not Paid
Stembra - Pinup
- Not Paid

The people waiting:

GP - Full color

Emergency commissions

Because of unforeseen events I currently have special commission offer on the table.The price of these pinups are the same as usual, so what makes them special?
Answer: It's a rush work. Meaning I will be prioritizing to finish these orders quicker than usual.
Open spots left currently: 5

Note: The usual Terms Of Service still apply.

If you want more variety in options, check out my regular commissions.